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Who is American Muscle Fitness?

American Muscle Fitness is 100% against FAD diets and we coach clients to sustainable weight loss and performance improvement WITHOUT fad diets or gimmicks. Our clients are everyday people that have most often than not tried programs in the past, don’t have a lot of accountability or knowledge about how to achieve their health or fitness goals AND/OR sustain them long term. They need a system to follow to reach their initial goal(s), and a skill set to fall back on throughout life after the program is over. Our clients become their own coach once they graduate from the program.

American Muscle Fitness wants each and every clients to really understand that they have a team of various coaches to assist with learning proper nutrition and fitness skill sets and knowledge about how to care for themselves daily. We want clients to find our programs and teaching methods valuable and ultimately the only way to sustain fitness and good nutrition for the duration of their life. Our clients do this by learning different nutritional habits and having the accountability to stick to them and apply them to their life for the long haul. American Muscle Fitness holds clients accountable initially but we show them a variety of nutritional skills that they can then use and adopt to best fit their lifestyle and preference (all while losing weight and/or achieving their lifelong health or fitness goal). So in a nutshell our company objective is helping clients reach their fitness and health goals once and for all and then teaching them how to maintain that for the rest of their life.

We want to help anyone that is open, ready, and dedicated to change. We as a business, impact people through our relationships and care for our clients’ actual wellbeing. We spend numerous hours developing and nurturing clients before and during the program and will do almost anything to cater to the obstacles or barriers that clients may face during the course of their program. We truly are after changing lives one client at a time. We set ourselves apart by the time and value we offer in our programs. We provide a three-pillar approach to success to include Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability. 

American Muscle is rolling out its natural supplement line priding itself on clean ingredients- Empower Rx

Empower Rx was created with the mission to empower the entire individual being to include nutrition, fitness, mindset, and overall wellness.

Empower Rx supplements are specially formulated for individuals who want to improve their overall health and wellness starting at the cellular level. Vitamins and minerals are what keep us healthy at our core. When cells do not get the proper nutrients, they die. Dead cells lead to disease and illness. Empower Rx is dedicated to educating individuals on proper nutrition through whole food and natural supplementation.

Empower Rx strives to encourage individuals that need extra help to reach their health or fitness goals by utilizing all necessary tools to include supplementation. Supplementation (along with the proper nutrition and exercise) can yield impressive health results such as fat loss, increased muscle mass, complete cellular detox, decreased brain fog, increased mental clarity, increased energy levels, and decreased inflammation.

Each blend has been formulated uniquely for Empower Rx. Each supplement is specifically blended to repair and rejuvenate individual cell health. All Empower Rx products are Non-GMO, NSF certified, & manufactured at an FDA registered Lab.

American Muscle Fitness Products

Empower Rx supplements are designed to take your workout, life, and energy levels to the next level. Made with high-quality handpicked ingredients that have been third-party tested for purity so you know what's in them without guessing

Our Products:

EmpowerRx supplements helped jumpstart my journey to getting into the best shape of my life! I am very particular about what I put in my body, so I chose EmpowerRx because of the purity and quality of ingredients.
- Jamie C.
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